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Direct & Indirect Taxation NRI Services
Income Tax VAT - (value added tax)
Book -keeping and Accountancy International Services
  • Monitor record and periodically report on his investments.
  • Facilitate liquidation/lease of property through a top-notch property consultant.
  • Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds of investment and property.
  • Facilitate repatriation of income from investments and rent from the property let out.
  • Complete banking and other regulatory formalities.
  • Plan his financial transactions to minimize his tax liability in India .
  • File income tax return.
  • Repatriate the sale proceeds of the assets or manage the same in most tax efficient manner. We enable him to achieve these objectives by facilitating the clearance from income tax, RBI and other regulatory authorities.
For Non resident Indians who intend to invest in stock market, property etc., we provide the following services:
  • Devise a personal financial plan.
  • Facilitate acquisition/ lease of property through a top-notch property consultant.
Income Tax
  • Identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities for various Indian companies under the Income-tax laws, so as to reduce their income-tax liability.
  • Tax assistance (along with tax experts of the host country) to various MNC's in setting up a business presence in India to ensure that the investment structure is highly income-tax efficient, not only from an Indian tax view, but also from the perspective of the host country. This involves application of the principles of international taxation to the given facts.
  • Providing income-tax opinions on various complex and litigative tax issues to the clients.
  • Preparation and filing of income-tax returns for Companies and other entities with the Revenue authorities.
  • Advice regarding tax withholding compliances under the Indian tax laws to Companies and providing assistance in implementing the same.
  • Preparation of applications for obtaining reduced tax withholding rulings from the Revenue authorities and liaising with the Revenue authorities for obtaining these tax withholding rulings.
  • Representing clients before the Revenue authorities regarding search & seizure cases.
  • Preparation and filing of income-tax returns for Companies and other entities with the Revenue authorities.
VAT - (value added tax)
  • Assistance with Value Added Taxation registration.
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration.
  • Use of the most appropriate scheme.
  • VAT control and reconciliation.
  • Help with completing VAT returns.
  • Planning to minimize future problems with Customs and Excise.
  • Negotiating with Customs and Excise in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals.
  • Conducting Sales Tax Audits.
Book -keeping and Accountancy
  • To either prepare for you or assist with the preparation of your VAT returns, payroll and accounts by a member of our Accountancy Support Services team.
  • Software Managed Service. Maintenance of Accounts and related records on computers.
  • Preparation of Management and Interim Accounts.
  • Finalization of Accounts. Preparation of Financial Year End Accounts.
  • Providing detailed trading profit and loss account and balance sheet, along with ratio analysis and management report highlighting key business trends, providing regular meaningful figures on which you can base your business decisions.
International Services
  • Canadian Tax Planning Strategies if you are going to the U.S. Guidence for USA , UK & Canada Tax preparation & planning . Customized Corporate Tax strategies, interpreting the Income Tax Act and assisting in their dealings with Customs and Revenue Agencies. No matter how complex your needs are we will be able to assist and advise you. We will provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions to your tax planning requirements.
  • We have geared up to extend our corporate services in worldwide for providing complete outsourcing of chartered accounting, book-keeping and administration tasks. We work in a fully computerized software managed environment for the best results and efficient management.
  • Understanding financial objectives and providing financial strategies for new businesses, due diligence reviews for events as mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances, risk and crisis management, including political and economic risk assessments. Our goal is to provide with efficient, timely financial statements prepared on a cost-effective basis.
  • As the operational and financial reporting demands within organizations have become more complex, so too have the audit services provided by professional accountants. We take the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the financial information presented to third party users, who rely upon this accuracy to make major investment or other decisions about the audited client. The scope of today's audit services extends far beyond the standard audit engagement offering an opinion on the accuracy of financial statements. It also encompasses review engagements and special reports, which include evaluating the operational procedures followed to produce the financial statements.